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consists of Clifton Down
and Durdham Down
green spaces of around
400 acres.Just 2 miles
from the centre of Bristol

The Downs
The Down also known as Durdham Downs has around 400 acres of grassland which have a rich history. The Downs stretch from the cliffs of the Avon Gorge to the edge of the city’s houses.
Clifton Downs were originally owned by the Society of Merchant Venturers, but were given to the public and protected by an Act of Parliament in 1861 and the adjacent Durdham Down was purchased from the Lords of the Manor of Henbury.

The land was originally used for sheep-grazing and lead-mining but was often blighted by highwaymen and robbers, which led to gallows being erected for a time on Gallows Acre Lane.

durdham downs bristol

One of the highlights of the Downs is the spectacular view across the gorge to the Clifton Suspension Bridge which combines nature’s splendour and engineering achievement.

There are many ways to enjoy The Downs miles of grassland - kids can run for miles, adults can take long walks, visitors can sit and enjoy a picnic, play ball games and fly kites.

Bristol Zoo is also close to the Downs, and by taking a stroll across the Suspension Bridge you will find yourself in Ashton Court estate. The University’s Botanic gardens are also just across the bridge.

There are shows and events held regularly on the Downs, particularly during school holidays.