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Rodmarton Manor

This is a supreme example of a house and all it’s furniture built according to Arts and Crafts ideals where everything was done by hand with local stone, local timber and by local craftsmen.

In 1909 Ernest Barnsley and the Cotswold group of Craftsmen, who were responsible for the revival of many crafts in the Cotswolds that were in danger of dying out, built and furnished the house for Claud and Margaret Biddulph. The house took over 20 years to complete and many people were involved in the building, woodworking, metalworking, needleworking, painting and gardening involved, which is all done to a very high standard.

The garden was also designed by Ernest Barnsley and was started by Margaret Biddulph’s head gardener William Scrubey, as the house was being built.
It was designed to contain a series of outdoor rooms each with its own character. The walls of these rooms are constructed of holly, box, beech and yew.
Originally the garden consisted of borders, lawns, topiary, two kitchen gardens and three tennis courts all of which can nearly all be still seen

Opening Times 2009

The garden will be open for snowdrops on 1st, 8th, 12th and 15th February from 1.30pm.

The house and garden will be open in 2009 on Easter Monday 13th April: 2 - 5pm, then Wednesdays, Saturdays and Bank Holidays, beginning of May to end of September: 2 - 5pm (not guided tours).

The house is also open for guided tours for group bookings for 15 or more people at other times (any time of year) by prior appointment