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situated on the banks of
the river avon just 5miles
west of the city of bath
in Keynsham

Saltford Brass Mill

This was one of a group of mills that were working in brass in the Avon Valley during the 18th century. Waterwheels were employed to power processes at many of these mills.

The main process involved shaping brass sheets into hollow-ware vessels like pans, bowls, and vats. Water-powered hammers were used to beat the brass ingots into sheet and then faster hammers were used to shaped the sheet into hollow-ware. This process was known as ’battery’. This is the reason that the Saltford Mill was known as a brass battery mill.

Saltford Brassmill is situated on the banks of the River Avon 5 miles west of the City of Bath in the South West UK.

The Brassmill is the only surviving building still with a furnace and working water wheel remaining from a group of eighteenth century mills making brass and copper goods in the Avon Valley between Bristol and Bath.

We welcome visitors - either at our open days which run throughout the Summer or as part of an organised group event.

The Brassmill is cared for by a dedicated group of volunteers (The Saltford Brassmill Project) who maintain the building, its fittings and research the fascinating history of the building. If you would like to get involved, please contact us for more information.