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Tel: 01225 839 797
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2 Kingsmead Street
Just off of Kingsmead Square

Tel: 01225 839 797

Welcome to Bright White Smiles UK - The Teeth Whitening Specialists.

When you smile the first thing people notice is your teeth. In a recent survey by Sensodyne, 70% of men and women said a great white smile is one of the most important facial features, an essential neccesity when impressing a potential employer or client.

Half of men and women surveyed stressed that, white teeth are a deciding factor for a second date. Your smile outranks eyes, hair and body as the most important physical feature. A clean white smile, is more likely to mean good oral hygiene.

"Teeth look AMAZING, cannot wait for the next time, I have mentioned it to all of my friends and family, thanks Tom"

We are specialist aesthetic dental technicians and have treated thousands of delighted clients.

  • 60mins, includes free 15min consultation
  • Immediate, dramatic results
  • Removes stains from tea,coffee,red wine
  • Safe & painless even for sensitive teeth
  • Qualified Aesthetic Dental Technicians
  • Long established teeth whitening clinics
  • More effective than Zoom or home kits
  • Voted by ITV as "gold standard treatment"
  • Identical Dentist’s results, affordable price

5 things you wanted to know about tooth whitening:

Teeth naturally darken with age. This is made worse by lifestyle such as smoking and drinking coffee, tea and red wine.

Whiter teeth make you look on average 13 years younger - according to a recent survey by Oral-B.

Most whitened teeth stay lighter up to a year possibly longer, dependent on lifestyle.

Tooth whitening does not damage the teeth.

Tooth whitening can cause some teeth to become sensitive. This is generally mild in most people and disappears after the treatment stops.

Opening Times:
8:00am - 8:00pm Monday to Friday
10:00am - 4:00pm Saturday