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Tel: 07739 979746
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Queensmead Court,
Bristol Rd,
BS25 1PR

Tel: 07739 979746
Resino Flooring 
Follow us _on FacebookResino is a partnership born of a mutual passion that two friends share for the art of creating. Our aim is to make beautiful and functional products that inspire, hand made to the highest quality with love and care.

Follow us _on TwitterWe have combined our skills to offer solutions for individuals and businesses that appreciate craftsmanship and being a part of the process that they are purchasing. Based in the South West of England we cater for both the national and international markets. We pride ourselves on our friendly approach to business and the standards that we set ourselves.

InstagramEpoxy resin flooring can be beautiful, unique and creative with a huge range of possible finishes and colours, or there are more industrial and standard options. We offer the former. There are many companies that will offer large scale industrial flooring, but we specialise in working with you to create bespoke finishes that can be sleek and subtle or vibrant and impactful.
Resino Flooring 
Normally epoxy flooring would simply be poured in place with pigments and powders etc. added to give the desired finish, however we can also offer other solutions to suit your interior or business requirements.

Natural wood and resin flooring | Digitally printed with resin coating | Items sealed in resin
Resino Flooring