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Tel: 01225 484 200
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3 North Parade

Tel: 01225 484 200

If you haven’t eaten at Tilleys before, here is a brief explanation of our menu.

Our menu comprises of 3 appetiser dishes, 9 small dishes, 11 medium dishes and 12 large dishes.

You may choose as many dishes as you like, in whatever order you like. Some customers prefer to have an appetiser to share, followed by a large dish, followed by one of our delicious homemade desserts. Others choose 3 or 4 of the small and medium dishes to share with each other, sometimes
adding side dishes of potatoes and vegetables. The choice is entirely yours and nothing is too much trouble.

All our food is made on the premises, with the exception of our bread products which are supplied by Delice de France, and our Ice Cream which is supplied by Salcombe Dairy of Devon.

Many of our dishes are cooked to order, so if there is a specific ingredient that you would like to be omitted please ask our staff if it is possible to do so.

If you have any food allergies, or specific dietary requirements, please notify our staff before placing your order, so that we can offer you assistance and advice with your choice. We do use various nut products in our kitchen so there is a possibility that there could be traces present in any dish.


Hot Toasted Garlic Bread £2.50
Crudités and Tapenade (sufficient for 2 people) £4.50
Tapenade is a Provencale dip made with olives, anchovies, capers and olive oil.

Freshly Baked Ciabatta with Marinated Olives, Aged Balsamic Vinegar and Virgin Olive Oil £6.00
(sufficient for 2 people)

Small Dishes

Buffalo Mozzarella, Beef Tomato, Roquette
and Parmesan Shavings £6.00
Served with scented virgin olive oil and aged Balsamic vinegar.

French Farmers Salad £6.00
Lambs lettuce, goats cheese, beetroot, walnuts, and celeriac remoulade, toasted baguette flutes
with garlic and olive oil.

Tower of Grilled Aubergine, Courgette,
Tomato and Mozzarella £6.00
Baked in the oven. Served on a lambs lettuce salad with rosemary and garlic flavoured virgin olive oil.

Avocado, Galia Melon, Strawberry and
Toasted Pine Nuts £6.00
Served on a bed of mixed leaves tossed in lemon vinaigrette.

6 Escargots a la Bourguignonne £6.50
French snails in their shells with garlic, shallot and herb butter.

Smoked Haddock in a creamy, Cheddar cheese and saffron sauce. Topped with breadcrumbs, nuts and Cheddar.

Smooth Chicken Liver and Cognac Pate £7.00
Served with Melba toast and a small mixed leaf salad.

Assiette of Filleted Smoked Fish from
the Dartmouth Smokehouse £8.50
Dry cured smoked Scottish salmon, hot oak smoked
Scottish salmon, and smoked eel. Served with a
lemongrass and coriander crème fraiche.

Medium Dishes

Mediterranean Style Tomato Soup £6.50
Made with virgin olive oil, tomatoes, onion, carrot, garlic, basil, oregano, and a little chilli. Served with aioli sauce, croutons and grated Gruyere cheese.

Gratinee a l’Oignon £7.00
The classic French onion soup. Made with browned onions and garlic, marrowbone stock, red wine, and Madeira. Topped with toasted flutes and Gruyere cheese.
Baked in the oven.

Warm Asparagus, Parmesan Cheese
and Sunblush Tomato Tart £7.00
Served with roquette, cherry tomato and Parmesan shavings.

Grilled Mushrooms stuffed with Bleu d’Auvergne £7.00
Served on a bed of creamed baby leaf spinach.

Wild Mushroom Risotto £8.50
Arborio rice, cep and oyster mushrooms, onions, celery, white wine and cream. Served with deep fried fresh sage leaves.

Confit of Gressingham Duck Leg £8.00
Served with an orange, apple, celery, walnut
and greek yogurt salad.

Crepe a la Greque £8.50
Crepe filled with minced lamb, onion, tomato, aubergine, garlic and cinnamon. Served with lettuce, Feta cheese, olives, tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper and coriander leaves.

Moules a la Normande £9.00
Fresh steamed mussels in a shallot, apple, white wine, Calvados and cream sauce.

‘Cassoulet’ with Toulouse Sausage and Belly Pork £9.00
Braised slowly in ham stock with haricots blanc, onions, carrots, celery, garlic and tomato. Covered with soft white breadcrumbs and baked.

Large Dishes

Spaghetti with a Rustic Pesto £10.00
Our pesto sauce is made with virgin olive oil, fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic and grated parmesan cheese.

Spaghetti a la Diable £12.00
Tossed in fried chicken livers, pancetta lardons,
tomato, garlic and a little chilli.

Roasted Aubergine a la Tunisienne £12.00
Filled with chick peas, potato, onions, tomato, dates, apricots, cumin and caraway seeds, garlic and fresh coriander.
All the Dishes below are served with Dauphinoise potatoes

Bitoke Roquefort £14.00
A fried lean beef patty filled with Roquefort cheese,
with a Roquefort and crème fraiche sauce.
Served with fried onions a la Francaise.

Fresh Fish of the Day from £15.00
Our restaurant staff will notify you of today’s selection.

Sautéed Corn Fed Chicken Breast in a Paprika, Tomato and Crème Fraiche Sauce £16.00

Medallions of Pork a la Dijonnaise £17.00
Fried pork tenderloin and mushrooms in a Brandy, cream, Dijon mustard and soft green peppercorn sauce.

Roasted Guinea Fowl Supreme stuffed with Black
Pudding and Wrapped in Pancetta £17.00
Served with a freshly poached egg on a Madeira cream sauce.

Sautéed Gressingham Duck Breast £18.00
Served with a black cherry and aged Balsamic vinegar jus; and honey roasted parsnips.

Grilled 10oz. Aberdeen Angus Rib Eye Steak £19.00
Served plain or with a creamy Brandy and cracked black peppercorn sauce.


Dauphinoise Potatoes ‘au gratin’ £2.50
Buttered Broccoli £2.50
Red Cabbage, Braised in Cider with Onions and Bramley

Apples £2.50
Boiled Basmati Rice £2.50
Mixed Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette £2.50

Please note that reservations are highly recommended