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Tel: 01225 484 200
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3 North Parade

Tel: 01225 484 200

Traditional bread and butter pudding
Topped with Demerara sugar, and baked in the oven. Served hot, with double cream

Hot Normandy Calvados and apple pancake
Bramley apples stewed with butter, Demerara sugar, and Calvados; wrapped in a sweet pancake, and drizzled with Calvados. Served with double cream

Banana Bavarois
A chilled, set, Bavarian cream dessert, flavoured with banana. Served with rich toffee ice cream, and caramelised banana

Raspberry Crème Brulee
The classic vanilla pod flavoured cream custard; with raspberries. Topped with caramelised icing sugar

Tangy lemon and lime Posset
Traditional English dessert, made with double cream, sugar, and the juice and zest of lemons and limes. The ‘set’ chilled custard, is of a lighter consistency than the Brulee

Baked clotted cream cheesecake
Flavoured with fresh vanilla pods, and served with a Pistachio nut ice cream

Belgian dark chocolate, Armagnac and prune terrine
Served with a hazelnut cracknel, double cream and soft fruits

Fresh strawberries and cracked black pepper ice cream
Because of the success of this unusual combination on our lunch menu, it is now available during the evening

Vanilla, blackcurrant, or rich toffee ice cream

A selection of 4 cheeses, homemade chutney, and biscuits

All the desserts are priced at £6.00

Apart from the ice creams, all the desserts are made here at Tilleys, under the guidance of Chef Patissiere, Roger Taylor

The up to date menu is located at: