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Clay Pigeon Shooting Day

Clay Pigeon Shooting Day Out

If you’ve ever won a goldfish at a funfair by shooting those moving bull’s-eye targets, then you will have some idea of the determination and competitive streak that came over me on my recent visit to Weston Lodge Shooting Ground.

I had never before in my life even been within 200 yards of a shotgun, let alone been allowed to fire one.

Firstly the setting of the lodge was fantastic, and the views looking down to the water at Portishead were breathtaking.

I was pretty much in the midst of an ongoing Stag party - apparently this particular activity has proved very popular for this sort of occasion.

Basically you can have either 20 clays, 30 clays or 40 clays, depending on how long you want to spend at the lodge, and also how much money is burning a hole in your pocket - although its much better value to go for the latter.

Taking it in turns at each simulated firing range, you have 6 rounds to fire and 6 clays to hit at each.

Being a female, I had (according to my opponent) a distinct advantage in that I had a smaller, lighter shotgun - but since I am somewhat more fragile and less muscular, I believe that was only fair!

I amazed not just myself when I managed to hit 4 out the first 6 clays - this was especially significant, because when I first held the shotgun up, I had the wrong finger on the trigger.

I had been told by friends that had previously tried this activity, to expect a huge kick back from the gun itself - but I was surprised since it wasn’t really that bad.

The main thing to remember, as your instructor will tell you is to make sure you position the gun right into your shoulder, and not on your arm - other wise you could end up with some nasty bruises.

As the competition goes on you find out who the ones with a good aim really are, and who is just lucky.

There are various different clay targets, ranging from one that fires straight up vertically into the air, to one that is called the rabbit, and basically bounces and rolls along the ground.

My favourite was one that comes straight at you, hovers for a bit and then drops - although I only hit 1 clay on this round.

This activity can be a little on the cold side, because obviously there is some waiting around whilst your opponents take their shots, but it is a good idea to wear some level of protection anyway, since this will protect your shoulder.

Clay pigeon shooting provides a medium rush of adrenalin for those that are not quite adventurous, but is varied and competitive enough for those with more of an appetite for action sports.

Of course, if you happened to enjoy your day shooting so much, then Weston Lodge also offers special competition days - and after all, your own Shotgun would only set you back a few hundred pounds!

Medals and trophies can be arranged for the overall winner of a Stag or Hen party, so that you can come away from the day with more than just a great memory.

Special price deals can be arranged through the lodge, should you wish to take part in half a days Clay shooting and also half a day Go Madtrax Karting in the new improved off road Karts. 

This activity is fun, exciting, and extremely addictive. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been before, and you don’t need to be a fitness freak to give it a go! If you’d like a brief taster there is an excellent simulation shooting game on the Website at

Weston Lodge Shooting Ground can be found at, Weston Lodge Farm, Valley Road, Portishead, Bristol

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