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Thermae Bath Spa Review

When my husband and I arrived at the sleek glass and granite construction that comprises the Thermae Bath Spa reception, we were intrigued to see a broad cross-section of society waiting to be ushered through, ranging from a group of women celebrating a 60th birthday, to young couples and upper-class tourists. Charlotte Hanna, the company’s Press Officer, gave us a tour of the building and the adjoining Cross Bath, speaking with evident passion about the history of the spa from its days as a Celtic spiritual hotspot through to its grand opening a year ago. When she left us to enjoy the facilities, we headed straight to the café, where I enjoyed a fresh salad of couscous, mixed leaves and other lighter options, while my husband tucked into a hearty brie sandwich - aptly demonstrating how well the spa caters for health and pleasure seekers alike.

Satisfied, we headed for the open-air rooftop pool, fed by the only natural thermal spring in Britain. The pool steamed gently beneath the continual summer drizzle that cooled our faces as we bobbed in the warm waters. Though surprisingly busy for a weekday lunchtime, the pool didn’t feel overcrowded, and we spent most of our time up there, admiring views of Bath’s elegant buildings and the green hillsides beyond.

Eventually we eased out way out of the soothing mineral waters and made our way to the steam room, where four large pods each offer a different aromatherapy experience. In the centre of the room, a waterfall shower ranged from light mist to a tropical deluge, a great way to liven ourselves up after each steam. The only disappointment was that the foot spas ranged around the edge of the room were out of order.

On the next level, we explored the Minerva Bath, a larger pool where people drift with the gentle current and chatter, just as the Romans would have 2000 years ago.

When we finally left after two hours of utter relaxation, we were already planning our return. As other customers clearly agree, the Thermae Bath Spa was clearly worth the wait!

Judy Darley

Thermae Bath Spa
The Hetling Pump Room
Hot Bath Street
BA1 1SJ    

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