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It’s true, the best time of your life is when you’re a student, £1.50 Jaeger bombs, NUS cards which give you 10% discount almost everywhere and nights that are even named Thirsty Thursday and The Bomb! What more could you want? Food, that’s what you’ll want, there are so many kebab and burger vans available to you when you fall out the clubs so do not fear.

And what better place to experience student life than Bath, the manic life of a student tamed down by the beautiful scenery of the city, the tranquil fields and peaceful countryside works wonders for the old head in the morning, something to do with the fresh air I feel.

Work hard, play hard, get discounted rates, special evening and events designated to students and you might even learn something along the way. There is always something being held for students as Bath is a student city. So keep your eyes locked to this sight, if you can keep them open from last night, for the latest updates on what events are being held and what offers are being advertised at the moment.

And let’s remember you all have homes to go back to. If you have an NUS card you will get discounted rates on travel and you will have even more of a discount if you get yourself a rail card.

You’ll find some great deals on (coming soon )